The ETA - Evisitor form for travelling to Australia

To visit Australia and simplify your administrative procedures you can use the new ETA electronic travel authorisation system (evisitor). By completing a simple online form and supplying your passport number you can prepare effectively for your visit without the need to apply for a traditional visa.
Read our detailed and complete presentation of the ETA electronic travel authorisation for visiting Australia.
Learn about the cost of an online ETA application for visiting Australia and details concerning the fees to be paid.
To complete your online Australian ETA application easily read our advice and explanations.
If your ETA application has been refused by the Australian authorities we explain the possible solutions.

Should you apply for an ETA or eVisitor?

Before examining the procedure that will enable you to obtain an ETA travel authorisation to visit Australia it is important to detail the conditions for accessing this simplified electronic travel system that is in fact only applicable to certain categories of visitors and for certain reasons for their visits.

Firstly it is important to remember that only people who live permanently in one of the member countries of the ETA system may apply for this online authorisation. The Australian authorities have carefully selected certain countries where the legislation is close to their own and with whom they have signed an agreement for implementing this modern administrative procedure. Above all you should therefore confirm that you are a resident of one of these countries, the United Kingdom is a member. You should therefore hold a passport issued by one of these countries.

Then you will need to ensure you have the necessary documents to enter Australia. An ETA by itself will not suffice for a visit to this country and you should therefore ensure that, as with any non-European country, you hold a valid biometric or electronic passport. This passport should be valid at the time you apply for your ETA authorisation as well as the entirety of your visit. If your current passport is nearing the end of its period of validity then you should renew it before commencing this application procedure.

Finally, the duration and reason for your visit are also important. An ETA travel authorisation is actually only valid for visits to Australia of 90 days or less, that is three months. If you are planning a longer stay then you should apply for a standard visa. You can use your ETA for visits related to tourism, business, family or friends, or for visits to other destinations that require that you transit or make a stopover in an Australian airport. Other reasons for visiting Australia are excluded from this system so you cannot, for example, use an ETA to study or work in Australia.

If you fulfil all the conditions we have stated above then you can complete your ETA application online this very instant.

What will you need to complete your online ETA - evisitor application?

The online ETA application for travelling to Australia is a simplified visa exempt procedure that requires only a few minutes and some personal information. You will only need your valid passport with you as the passport number will be required for your application, the validity of your passport should cover the entirety of your visit.

You simply need to complete the form in your native language replying to all the questions asked honestly and openly as the answers may be verified. These questions are related to your personal data and provide all the information necessary for the immigration services to evaluate your application.

Finally you simply need to settle the administration and transfer fees of your file by credit card to launch the application process.

Where to find the ETA or evisitor form and how to complete it?

Whatever your language, if you are admissible for the ETA programme, you will find the right form available online. On this website we will direct you to a form in your language to facilitate your understanding of the questions asked.

Take a few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire calmly and without rushing through it, do not forget to ensure you have your passport with you as well as personal information and that for any other people you wish to apply for. Also ensure you have your credit card close at hand to pay for the fees incurred by the application, this will confirm your application. Reply carefully to all questions without omitting any answers and answer them all truthfully. Once your application form has been transferred you will receive a rapid reply delivered to the email address that you stated in your contact details. This can take up to 72 hours maximum.

Important note! This website is not directly associated with the Australian authorities responsible for immigration and can therefore not be held responsible in case of litigation or refusal of your ETA.

Who can use the ETA - evisitor authorisation application to visit Australia?

The ETA electronic travel authorisation system (evisitor) was created with the aim of simplifying the travel authorisation application procedure for certain visitors wishing to travel to Australia that satisfied certain conditions. It is therefore no longer necessary for certain people to undertake visa application procedures that are generally time consuming and frustrating as they can now obtain their travel authorisation directly online rapidly. Of course, to complete an online ETA application it is imperative that the applicant is eligible for the Australian visa waiver programme and fulfils certain conditions.

Firstly, only people that live permanently in one of the country members of this system can benefit. The United Kingdom is one of these countries. You should therefore possess a passport issued by one of these member countries in order to visit Australia using an ETA travel authorisation. These countries have been selected due to the comparability of their legislation with that of Australia and the fact that they share the same basic laws.

Also, the ETA travel authorisation does not cover all types of visits. In fact, depending on the length of your stay you may find you need this solution or another such as a visa. Visits authorised by an ETA should not extend beyond 90 days, or three months. Beyond this time a visa will be required. In the same way the ETA authorisation only covers visits for tourism, business trips or visits to family and friends. This authorisation therefore does not allow you to work on Australian territory or stay on a permanent basis.

Finally, to be able to complete an online authorisation application on our website or indeed elsewhere you will need a valid passport. Your passport validity should cover your departure date and return date as well as your entire stay. The ETA or evisitor system is in fact entirely electronic and your authorisation reference will be directly linked to your passport number.

Of course, apart from satisfying the conditions we have enumerated above you will also be required to complete the requirements of the Australian authorities that are the only entity able to grant your visit authorisation. It is therefore through the examination of your answers to the application questionnaire that the definitive decision will be made.

Why apply for ETA - evisitor authorisation using the form provided by us?

By completing all the steps online that will enable you to visit Australia, using the ETA system, you will be able to dedicate more time to preparing for your visit without wasting time on time consuming administrative  procedures. Our website was expressly created for you to save time by enabling you to access the official ETA application form as well as providing you with advice and information that will be extremely useful for this procedure.
We have therefore dedicated many of our articles to the manner in which you should respond to the questionnaire and reply to the different questions asked. You will also find information on our website relating to other questions that will be asked concerning the use of your ETA, its requirement for various types of visits and advice on what to do in the case whereby your ETA application is refused in order that you can bring a successful conclusion to your plans for a visit to Australia.

Information on the validity of your ETA and the type of visits covered:

Maybe you already know that once you have obtained your ETA authorisation you can use it to visit Australia numerous times. In fact, this electronic travel authorisation will be digitally linked to your passport for a period of 12 months, one year, from the moment it is granted and you receive a positive response from the authorities responsible for this system.

However, to reuse your ETA authorisation during this period you will still be required to fulfil certain conditions that were valid even for your first application. It is also necessary that the information you supplied has not changed or been modified. In certain cases, and as we will explain further in other more detailed articles, you will have the opportunity to modify certain details but in other cases you will be required to complete a new application.

If you undertake a trip that does not feature Australia as your final destination but that requires that you make a stopover or transit through Australian territory then you will still be required to request an ETA. We will explain here how to proceed in these particular circumstances.

Place all the odds on your side to obtain your ETA authorisation:

As we have previously covered with the information supplied, obtaining an ETA Travel authorisation for Australia (evisitor) is a relatively rapid and simple procedure. However, to avoid any unnecessary delay or inconvenience during your travel preparations and to assist you in obtaining your visit authorisation we will accompany you throughout the entire application process.
We will therefore explain how to correctly complete your application for you and also for other people that accompany you with the response type expected for each question asked as well as the other items you will require before you start to complete your authorisation application.

We also explain the various cases for refusal of this ETA authorisation and how to proceed if you are not granted one. There are in fact various solutions available depending on the particular case that can assist in ensuring you can still proceed with your Australian visit by submitting another application or requesting a visa or e-visitor authorisation. Due to this full accompaniment you can therefore prepare your Australian visit with peace of mind.

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